This Marks A Turning Point

with Cameron Brown from Turning Point Brew Co

Season 5
Episode 183
In this season finale, Nick goes to Turning Point Brew Co and looks to the future.

Will Climate Change Be the End of Citra Hops…?

Talking Sustainability with Chris Terry from 86 Carbon

Season 5
Episode 182
Nick is joined by Chris Terry to discuss how climate change could effect the brewing and hospitality industry.

Why Marketing is one of the Most Important Aspects of Your Business

with Sarah Sinclair of Moonwake Beer Co

Season 5
Episode 181
Sarah from Moonwake joins Nick to talk about the importance of marketing your beer business.

Sell Sell Sell!

What beer buyers are really looking for

Season 5
Episode 180
Nick talks to business and bar owners Ben Stephenson and Darren Filsell about what beer sales.

Lock, Stock and Two Pints of Ale

with Guy Ritchie and Gritchie Brewing Company

Season 5
Episode 179
Nick is joined by both the Gritchie Brewing Company team and screenwriter, producer and director Guy Ritchie to chat about brewing and pubs.

From Bitters to Barrel Farms:

Connecting the two with Ampersand Brew Co

Season 5
Episode 178
Andy Hipwell joins Nick to talk about everything from their Golden Best Bitter to their barrel farm.

Fermenting Thoughts

On Packaging and Sustainability

Season 5
Episode 177
On the Hop Forward Podcast this week, Nick & Sean share their Fermenting Thoughts on all things packaging and sustainability. We discuss everything from the logistics of kegs, supporting venues, the value of cask beer and how simple design elements, such as texture on a label or point-of-sale material - when done properly - can make the difference.

Battling an infection in a wild brewery

with Wildflower Brewing & Blending

Season 5
Episode 176
We chat to Topher Boehm about a wild bacteria infection in their wild brewery.

Fermenting Thoughts

How Can Breweries and Hospitality Venues Survive During the Cost of Living Crisis

Season 5
Episode 175
We look at how breweries and hospitality venues are coping with the cost of living crisis.

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