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Nigeria's first craft brewery are putting West Africa on the map for some of the greatest and most unique beers in the world while building an eco-friendly, community-focused and part-employee-owned craft brewery.

The Brief

Initially, we were asked by the client to undertake some brand and market research prior to a move to their new Victoria Island brewhouse and taproom to investigate whether the brewery should rebrand and position itself ahead of their move before signage was made, cans painted, etc.

The brewery then contracted us to work with them again in an advisory role to help develop their digital marketing strategy, help onboard a Social Media Manager – who would undertake the day-to-day social media marketing activities – and be readily available in a consultancy capacity.

The main challenge to overcome was that craft beer in Nigeria is a completely new beverage category.

While West Africans are well acquainted with brands such as Heineken, Red Stripe and Guinness and their respective flavour profiles, contemporary craft beers and hop-forward flavours were new to many consumers.

The solution

In our initial contract with Bature Brewery, we conducted a series of interviews with both the staff and consumers to gather insights on their perceptions of the existing brand.  We also engaged with brewery industry professionals in the United Kingdom and Asia to assess the brand’s adaptability and potential in the global market.

Under our second contract, we were retained as consultants and worked closely with the brewery for over 12 months. During this time, we assisted in the recruitment of a Social Media Manager and a local agency to manage the day-to-day digital marketing activity. Collaborating with co-founder Kevin Conroy, Creative Director Luke McCarthy, and other board members, we devised an 18-month Market Strategy aimed at securing over 120 accounts in Lagos and Abuja.

To achieve this, we developed a ‘Craft Beer Education’ social media strategy that provided consumers with a structured framework and language to understand the category, which was new to many in the Nigerian beer market. Furthermore, we helped create campaigns for the brewery’s flagship beers, Lagos Lager and Black Gold Stout.

Leveraging our expertise, we crafted compelling copy for Bature Brewery’s website (created by Pim Pam Creative) and Sales Trade Brochure. Overall, our consultancy services focused on driving brand awareness and positioning Bature Brewery as a premier craft beer brand in Nigeria.

Video professionally shot and edited by Navi Africa.
Photos professionally shot and edited by Navi Africa.
Can designs by Pim Pam Creative.


We worked in an advisory capacity on the craft beer market, marketing, brand perception and social media to help Bature Brewery make informed decisions and improve overall performance.

Social Media Support

We helped the brewery develop its online presence across various platforms, creating engaging content and working with co-founder, Kevin Conroy, to help onboard and train a Social Media Manager and local agency.

Marketing Strategy

We developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Bature Brewery, incorporating market research, target audience analysis, branding, and advertising tactics, to enhance their visibility and attract new trade customers and consumers.


Our report-writing services deliver accurate and insightful analyses of Bature Brewery’s brand, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and providing actionable recommendations for improvement.

Another Hoppy Customer

Here's what the client says...

As a fast growing micro-brewery, we were making a significant jump in production volume and entering a major new market of Lagos. Impressed by the Hop Forward Podcast, we reached out to get some help in the areas of marketing and customer perceptions of our brand.

Nick from Hop Forward quickly pulled together a global network of industry players and writers which he combined with his own brewing experience to provide a set of actional recommendations for our business. With a focus on brand storytelling, Hop forward’s work, empowered us to make strategic decisions with confidence. Look forward to working with Hop forward again in the future.

Kevin Conroy

Bature Brewery

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