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About Loxley Brewery

Brewed using fresh spring water that runs beneath one of their two pubs, Loxley Brewery are a 6BBL brewery situated under The Wisewood Inn, Sheffield, that brew a range of cask, keg and small pack beers.

The Brief

Loxley Brewery approached Hop Forward with the following project brief and problem to be overcome: they needed assistance with their beer recipe formulation, branding and marketing, and website and e-commerce platform.  The brewery was seeking a partner who could provide comprehensive support to help them develop these areas of their business and improve their overall performance on a regular basis.

The solution

As our longest standing client, we have been privileged to help the brewery and pubs develop several critical aspects of their business.  One of our primary areas of focus has been beer recipe formulation, where we have worked closely with the client to help them create and refine their beer offerings.  This has included developing existing recipes, setting up a bottling rig for their bottle conditioned beers, installing and commissioning unitanks within a limited space, and being available to troubleshoot any technical issues the brewery has faced.

In addition to brewery consultancy, we have also helped Loxley Brewery refine their branding and marketing efforts.  This has involved collaborating with the client to develop a brand identity that aligns with their vision and values while also standing out in a crowded marketplace.

We have created a range of assets for them, including cleaning up and developing their hand-drawn logo, various label and pump/keg clip designs, and other marketing materials – including mailing list management – to help them establish a consistent brand image and drive customer engagement.

Finally, we have also worked with Loxley Brewery to develop their website and Shopify e-commerce platform, ensuring that their online presence is optimised to attract and retain customers.

Brewery Support

Beer recipe formulations, quality control procedures, and technical brewing and packaging advice.brand identity, logo design, packaging design, and style guidelines.

Website & E-Commerce

Custom-built website, e-commerce platform integration, and ongoing technical support for troubleshooting and maintenance.

Brand Development

Brand identity and logo development, packaging design and assets.


Content creation, social media support, email marketing campaigns, and event promotion.

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