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Bringing Together A Passion For Food And Beer

About Boobytrap Brewery

Boobytrap Brewery is an artisanal brewery in Westcott, Buckinghamshire, creating and capturing beers that plumb depths of flavour and complement delicious food. Their beers focus on a wide variety of styles, which are handcrafted and packaged, and served fresh from their tasting room alongside food from their own kitchens.

The Brief

After serving as a business planning consultant alongside founder Philip Baker – a long-time culinary chef – for a duration of several years, Philip solicited our expertise to devise a brand for his brewery enterprise under the name “Boobytrap Brewery”.  Philip sought a brand that would encapsulate the distinct, enjoyable character of the brewery while simultaneously aligning with renowned craft breweries that have attained a nationwide presence.

The solution

With Philip’s extensive expertise in the food industry, we recommended that Boobytrap Brewery adopt the tagline ‘Capturing Flavour’. Our proposal emphasized pairing each beer with an ideal food, allowing patrons to match beer styles with their preferred dishes for a seamless and enjoyable experience.

In creating the logo, we aimed to subtly evoke The Goonies and pirates, reinforcing the ‘Boobytrap’ name without appearing comical or crass. We also incorporated surreal elements into the artwork, aligning with the beer names provided by the brewery. The flame motif was consistently utilized throughout the design to strengthen the logo.


We have worked with Boobytrap Brewery offing consultancy for all aspects of their business.


We assisted the brewery in developing their marketing strategy, including writing a weekly mailout for the brewery.


We crafted the Boobytrap Brewery brand entirely from inception, encompassing brand conceptualisation and design.


We developed a website and an e-commerce platform for the brewery.

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