The Green Goddess

Beer Café and Microbrewery Branding

About The Green Goddess

The Green Goddess is a Beer Café and Microbrewery based in Blackheath, South-East London.

The Brief

Initially, Stephen and Maryann, the owners of a small brewery, Common Rioters, sought out Hop Forward for our expertise in label design and social media marketing strategy consulting, as well as for guidance in establishing their beer cafe, The Green Goddess.  Subsequently, we were engaged to design The Green Goddess logo, further strengthening the brand identity of the establishment.

The solution

We were commissioned to develop a logo based on the idea of Ninkasi: The mesopotamian goddess of beer and brewing.  Naturally, we chose a vibrant green hue for this but wanted a logo that was also bold and distinctly unique.  Rather than adopting a geometric, simple design – like most modern logos – we opted for a digitally hand-drawn goddess to reflect the unique nature of craft beer and its producers.

In our design, Ninkasi is depicted with hop leaf hair, a crown of barley, a water drop bindi, and sparkles of magic to represent the wonder of fermentation.  We created various logo stacks in a variety of white, black and green colour combinations so the logo could be used digitally and in print.

Logo Design

Logo design included concepts, hand drawn digital illustration, logo stacks and social media profile pictures and banners.


We provided consultancy sessions on social media marketing strategies and general craft beer consultancy.

Packaging Design

We designed labels and keg clips for a various Common Rioters beers.


We worked with The Green Goddess to provide visual mockups for planning application of the building and then create signage for the building according to specification.

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