Broadtown Brewery

Branding the Beers that Alpaca Punch

About Broadtown Brewery

Located in the original 1820 brewery coach house owned by the Hart 'Brewing' Family of Broad Town and Royal Wootton Bassett, once again the town and surrounding villages have their own local brewery... only this time, it has alpacas!

The Brief

We were approached by brewery (and alpaca) owner, Jason Bayliffe, to bring to life a brand based on a pre-existing logo design of his three alpacas that make up the Broadtown Brewery logo.

As the brewery creates a wide and diverse range of beer styles, we needed to create packaging designs that would translate from both a relatively simple core range to wildly creative label designs for one-off and seasonal beers.

In addition, in 2022, the brewery moved some of their long-standing core range and new beers into cans and wanted a fresh look that built upon the Broadtown Brewery branding, retaining the charm and quirkiness, while standing apart as a separate range of beers.

The solution

For the core range, we settled on making use of the ‘three boys’ that make up the logo as a large feature of the design, using a label cutter to give the packaging and pump clips a distinctive shape.

Each special and seasonal beer is individually and elaborately themed based on the beer name, often tying in names with Jason’s main business as a railway engineer, such as ‘Tail Lamp’, ‘Lower Quadrant’ and ‘One On’, all of which are railway terms.

For the cans, we took a different approach and used Adobe Photoshop to create a contemporary, cosmic and abstract design with a prominent alpaca and the BTB ‘stripe’ covering most of the can.


Taking a pre-existing alpaca logo, we developed branding in keeping with the quirky nature of the brewery.  We also developed a sleeker contemporary look for the brewery’s range of cans, while still retaining the alpaca theme.

Digital Content Strategy

We worked with the brewery to provide digital content for their social media strategy, including mockups, professional photography, writing copy, scheduling posts and creating mailout campaigns.

Packaging Design

We designed labels, pump clips and keg badges for the core, craft and seasonal ranges of beers, often taking ideas the client had and translating them into bespoke imagery.

Website Creation

We developed a website for the brewery, created content and wrote copy as part of their digital strategy. We also reskinned their existing Ecwid store with branded typeface, images, etc.

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